Pretty Please with a Cherry Von Topp!

I have a love-hate relationship with photoshoots. Hate 'em b/c they can be overwhelming. Love 'em b/c the final results make my spine tingle. Like any job well done, the personal satisfaction is priceless.

And as the saying goes..."it takes a village."

There is so much work behind the final photos that you see on our website; identifying a model, securing makeup and hair (MUAH) artists, hiring a photographer, communicating our vision to all parties, selecting a venue, gathering the products, matching the accessories, organizing the props, finding mutually agreeable times and dates, feeding and hydrating the masses and the list goes on. It's a huge ordeal -- physically, emotionally and financially!

HOTBD has had six professional photo shoots to date. The prep gets easier every time but each one presents its own unique challenges.  

For example, our photo session last month presented with a model cancellation one week prior to our scheduled shoot. We scrambled, scratched and clawed our way thru our rolodex, but in the end, we were lucky enough to land an incredibly talented and beautiful model by the name of Cherry Von Topp!

Cherry has been in the performance industry for years, her most recent success, the newest cast member of Sarasota's Black Diamond Burlesque. She is a whopping 5 feet 4 inches of pure dynamite and boy did she rock the house!

Eight hours of wardrobe changes and pin-up poses and we can't wait to share the final images -- showcasing not only Cherry, but HOTBD's 2016 Spring Collection line of kimono "hipster" jackets.

Stay tuned. You're gonna love it. Or hate it. But I'm gonna bet the former.


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