Modern Girl

Modern girls (or "moga") were Japanese women who followed Westernized fashions and lifestyles in the 1920s. Moga were Japan's equivalent of America's flappers.


The period was characterized by the emergence of working class young women with access to money and consumer goods. Moga were depicted as living in the cities, being financially and emotionally independent, choosing their own suitors, and apathetic towards politics.


By viewing her through a Japanese vs Western lens, the nationalist press could use the modern girl archetype to blame such "failings" as frivolity, sexual promiscuity, and selfishness on foreign influence.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, House of the Broken Dragon collaborated with Canadian Burlesque Ambassador Bettina May and Japanese performing artist Masae Satouchi last month in NYC to create an exciting promotional film scheduled to be release this Fall featuring our latest product, the "kimono coat," as seen on Masae, above.  

Doesn't Masae look like a living doll?  Or in this instance, a gorgeous moga???

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