Our 2nd published article in Delicious Dolls Magazine!

If you love anything "Tiki" or "Polynesian" or have an interest in how this island lifestyle trend became an international phenomena, don't hesitate to check out our 2nd published article in the December 2014 issue of Delicious Dolls Magazine, "Asian Influences on Pinup Culture - Part II." 

Here's an excerpt: "The Sixties were known for a lot of things, but they were mostly famous for the “sex, drugs and rock'n'roll” period....However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that just prior to 1960, American soldiers were still returning home from World War II, bringing with them colorful stories and souvenirs from the South Pacific. And while the post-war population was high both on life and drugs, a raging clan of Polynesian themed restaurants, Tiki bars and clubs were in full swing."

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