Did You Hear . . . ??

House of the Broken Dragon is at it, again; this time in Classique Élégance Magazine's "Pinup Perfection" issue! 

This class-act publication proudly states, "We here at Classique Élégance Magazine are dedicated to showcasing classic beauties and dashing gents, talented photographers and amazing artists, worldwide.  As our name suggests, we love classic styles and timeless elegance, which can be found in ANY era, but we do have a soft spot for mid century.  Our motto here is KEEP IT CLASSY."

The January 2015 theme was, "cheesecake." And no, not the kind you eat!  The term "cheesecake" in the pin-up industry is a genre of glamour photography and poster art made popular by wartime pin-ups of the 1940's, often featuring modest poses by movie starlets displaying lots of leg but little nudity.

As seen above, the adorable Miss Candy Cocktail flaunts both her charm and beauty in HOTBD's custom-made, vintage-inspired, bright yellow bumblebee print apron with ruffled heart bodice. 

Oh là là, mon chéri!!!

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