HOTBD featured in Tres' Jolie Magazine's 2015 "Tattoo Issue #8"

If there is one thing you should know about House of the Broken Dragon it's that we appreciate art in its many forms -- textiles, performance, photography, nature, etc.

Therefore, it was a natural choice for us to submit photos of one of our gorgeous models who is adorned with tattoos to Tres' Jolie Magazine's "tattoo issue."  "Tres' Jolie," which is French for "very pretty," is a magazine based out of Southern California whose, "...goal is to feature art/music in many forms."

Although beauty is certainly in the "eye of the beholder," it is our hope that you see beauty not only in our carefully chosen models and the settings in which we've photographed them, but in our handcrafted garments, each of which we consider a piece of wearable art!


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