Pinup Zombies

Absolutely thrilled to announce a 3rd published article by House of the Broken Dragon

"PINUP ZOMBIES: The Forbidden Flesh," will be in print for all to see in Issue #33 of Bachelor Pad Magazine, due out early October! 

Just in time for Halloween, the zombie pinup subculture has become an international phenomenon! Here's a snippet from the original manuscript:

"Zombie Pinup, a live performance group based in San Francisco, started crawling out of their graves in 2000. Originally known as a beauty pageant parody, they found their way onto the internet and began infecting gorgeous women nationwide. Most major cities feature their own grassroots variations of Zombie Pinup events; however, the Zombie Burlesque at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas is the first of its kind; showcasing campy comedy and scantily clad “zombabes” performing songs like, “I Eat Boys Like You for Breakfast!” 

Original zombie artwork, above, by Rob Sacchetto. Check out his cool vault of “Zombie Art Pinup Divas." 


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