A Recap of 2015

Happy New Year!!!

House of the Broken Dragon made tremendous strides this past year and we couldn't have done it without our friends (new and old), family, creative professionals and fans. We have so much to be thankful for and so many people to thank!  

Before the Year of the Monkey (2016) completely absorbs us, we wanted to recap our successes of 2015. We've attempted to link everyone we have been involved with this past year in this blog post. Please take the time to check out all of these talented individuals and organizations, below:


  1. The Ringling Museum Store now sells our kimono "hipster" jackets; read the Press Release.


  1. Honey Kitty Cosplay wearing our Black Dragon hooded kimono jacket, ad designed by Death-Ray Design
  2. Calamity Chang wearing a custom kimono, ad designed by Death-Ray Design


  1. Kimono "hipster" jackets
  2. Black velvet toss pillows with metallic gold dragon embroidery
  3. HOTBD logo t-shirts by Clothesline Tees


    1. Don Smith Photography featuring Corinna Von Doe; location Drum Circle Distilling 
    2. Little Skull Photography featuring Calamity Chang; props Jill Sigman Thinkdance
    3. Don Smith Photography featuring Jin Beutl 
    *special thanks to Black Web Development


    1. "Small Business Spotlight" featured in Classique Élégance Magazine 
    2. "Featured Designer" featured in Vintage Boudoir Magazine
    3. "Pinup Zombies" featured in Bachelor Pad Magazine
    4. "Seven minutes in heaven with Calamity Chang" featured digitally in Burlesque Bible Magazine 


    1. Nokomis Art-Market's "March Madness"
    2. Central Sarasota Farmer's Market  
    3. Patchington, Sarasota, FL 
    4. Atomic Holiday Bazaar, Sarasota, FL 


    1. Surreal Beauty: "All We Are" issue, double spread featuring Katie Levith and Candy Cocktail
    2. Classique Élégance"Pinup Perfection/Cheesecake" issue featuring Candy Cocktail
    3. Perfectly Pinup"Valentine" issue featuring Candy Cocktail
    4. Garters and Grills"Tiki Baby" issue featuring Candy Cocktail
    5. Latina Pinupsfeaturing Mims Von Schuhe
    6. Vintage Boudoir"Featured Designer" section featuring Corinna Von Doe
    7. Cupcake Quarterly:  "Geeky Fantasy 4" issue featuring Corinna Von Doe
    8. Tres' Jolie"Tattoo #8" issue featuring Katie Levith
    9. Rockabilly Deluxe: issue #9, double spread featuring Calamity Chang
    10. Sabina Kelley2016 wall calendar featuring Katie Levith

    From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, each and every one of you! 

    Lisa n Paul

    If you try, you may succeed.
    If you don’t try, you will not succeed. This is true for of all things.
    Not succeeding is the result of not trying.
    -- Japanese proverb

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