My Love Affair with Sukki Singapora

I'd like to say that the blog title is that of my newly released autobiography; but alas, it's actually a long overdue blog post about HOTBD's LATEST and GREATEST Kimono Collection; aptly named, The Sukki Collection!!

So I had the intense pleasure of meeting international burlesque performer, Sukki Singapora back in 2016. We met pre-show at the 4th Annual Asian Burlesque Spectacular event in NYC. With my piqued interest in the burlesque scene — I had, of course, admired Sukki from afar, via social media and magazines — however, seeing her in person...I was instantly star struck.

Truth be told: I still am.

A modest business-woman behind the stage. A powerhouse entertainer and activist at the forefront. Sukki is dedicated to empowering women; globally recognized for freedom of expression in her native Singapore, she performed the first legal burlesque show in 2015! Half Indian, half British, Sukki is also a Global Ambassador for UK-based, The Sharan Project, a charity providing support to vulnerable women transitioning to fearless, independent living.

Last, Sukki is a global fashionista; whether spotted on the 2019 Netflix series, Singapore Social or on the red carpet, you'll find her expressing herself with bold fashion, vivid colors, vintage-finds and Bollywood aesthetics. (A muse to so many in more ways than one.) When she suggested we incorporate luxurious satin-brocade trim into our cotton kimonos, the deal was sealed!

International communications pursued. Fabrics were sourced and selected. Kimonos were measured, made and mailed across the pond. A MUAH artist was secured. A photoshoot was scheduled. By the end of 2018 we had amazing images from UK-based, fine art photographer Karolina Skorek. And by early 2019 we had this brilliant video from a small videography business based in North Wales.

Fast forward to today.

Not surprising, Sukki's career has since catapulted to the top! Wrassling a rising star over the years hasn't been easy, however, if I've learned one thing from Sukki it is this: persevere. And that I did, proudly bringing The Sukki Collection to the world stage (AKA for all to see. It has been a dream come true! 

A genuine "Thank You" to all who were involved in this special project; but most of all to Sukki, not only for her patience, but for her beauty, grace, humility and courage that she openly shares with those who wish to listen. 

GIF compliments of photographer, Sachyn Mital.

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