Rest in Peace Don Smith

The last exchange I had with Don was December 2022.

After wishing him a happy holiday he shared this about his most recent treatment: "I'm doing ok, work and chemo every two weeks. Next month I'm having a liver embolism to block off the blood flow to the tumor in my liver on the 7th it's a lot like a heart cath with an overnight stay for observation." I asked him to remind me how long he had been battling cancer; 2017, he said.

Paul and I were first introduced to Don as a photography hobbyist; known amongst the local pinups and cosplayers as a professional and affordable photographer.

I found Don to be gentle, engaged and reliable. Paul fondly remembers Don as, "thoughtful, smart and creative." We liked Don a lot. And we liked his work, too. In fact, after tallying all of our photoshoots to date, ends up we conducted seven photoshoots with Don over the years! Wow. 

Below are just a few of Don's stellar shots:  

We are grateful to the universe for bringing Don Smith and House of the Broken Dragon, together. We will always appreciate the time, patience and energy he channeled to beautifully capture our products and the models wearing them.

Thank you, Don. You will never be forgotten at House of the Broken Dragon. 


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