A Trifecta of Talent in San Diego

Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, approximately 120 miles (190 km) south of Los Angeles and immediately adjacent to the border with Mexico, San Diego is a city worth visiting!

I work a day job. So when travelling on business, I always try to make a HOTBD connection -- whether that means orchestrating a photoshoot, meeting with potential vendors, and/or scoping out new fabric stores. 

This past October dictated a photoshoot to show off our new "Kimono Shrug" Collection. After several months of emails, texts, reservations, and cancellations, my recipe finally came together. Ingredients included:

1. A MODEL: The gorgeous and energetic DiLovely (pronounced "Die" "Lovely"), AKA Miss Tiki Oasis 2018! This Traveling Showgirl is going places, literally. A flight attendant by day and a Twerkshop instructor by night, oh and did I mention she's an international burlesque performer that just headlined the Calgary Burlesque Festival? Get to know her! 


2. A PHOTOGRAPHER: The well-known pinup/cosplay photographer, Chris Gomez. Like many of us who follow social media, Chris's work is quickly recognizable -- bold colors, beautiful women, famous models (YaYa Han, Amelia Nightmare, Masumi Max, and Loretta Vampz, just to name a few.) Talented, sweet as pie, and easy on the eye, this is a photographer you want in your portfolio.

Speaking of Loretta Vampz...EXTRA PERK ALERT...Ms. Vampz attended the photoshoot as Chris's "assistant," however we all know she has her own claim to fame as evidenced by her 19.8k followers on Instagram! Model, wardrobe styler, and exquisite headpiece designer; the latter evidenced by her Dia de Los Muertos Series with Chris.*

*Both hailing from Rancho Cucamonga, CA, these pair of lovebirds were two peas in a pod -- both Mexican, both gorgeous, both artists, both wearing matching burgundy crushed velvet loafers. 

3. A LOCATION: San Diego, of course. And say hello (again) to 1983! Our condo included lavender plush carpeting, purple track lighting, glass coffee tables, and an 19th story view of San Diego, including Coronado Bay to the West and the Mexican border to the South. You know what they say...Location! Location! Location!

What entailed next was a whirlwind of costume changes, camera flashes and Cabernet splashes! DiLovely was on point and arrived on a mission to give our kimono shrugs the "urban vibe" we were seeking. Chris and Loretta tag teamed on lighting, positioning, and wardrobe, making both our model and garments, sizzle!


The House of the Broken Dragon Kimono Shrug Collection will be launched next year. In the interim, keep your eyes peeled for more behind-the-scene shots and innuendos of what it's like to work with such a DREAM TEAM.

Peace and Love to All.

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