Urbana Nirvana

One of the tactics House of the Broken Dragon continues to employ in our marketing strategies is taking something "ancient" and "formal" (ie: the kimono) and placing it in a "modern" or "casual" setting.

This is exactly what happened during our exciting photoshoot in Ybor City -- Tampa's National Landmark Historic District. Ybor was founded in the 1880s by cigar manufacturers and was populated by thousands of immigrants, mainly from Cuba, Spain and Italy. Many of its alleyways are a hodgepodge of quaint architecture and graffitied industrial buildings -- another testament of the "old" commingling with the "new."


Executing a fresh feel with an old-world garment couldn't have been accomplished more dramatically without our talented team, including smokin' hot model and cosplayer, Amanda Sparks (@beautiful_distraction03) and the talented Don Smith Photography
(@donsmithpics). Also, special thanks to vehicle owner, Danny Mejia (@panetonbomba), for sharing his seriously sexy, Japanese-manufactured, custom detailed, Lexus F Sport. 


This shoot was HOT ... and I'm not just talking about the tropical 96 degree temperature and 100 percent humidity, folks. 


More melting images coming soon.



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