Wading for you

Still here; how 'bout you?

Just like everyone else on the planet, HOTBD has been wading into and out of the unknown since the coronavirus pandemic...exacerbated by ongoing social unrest, political polarization and mental health...its been hard. 

Maintaining a small business and a positive attitude has been...challenging. 

Fortunately (?) HOTBD was knee deep in kimono fabric scraps for most of 2020.

What started out as making face masks for desperate healthcare professionals in Seattle...turned into manic mask making for family, friends and eventually, our customers AKA The Mask Collection.

However, somewhere between the dark and the light, the stars (re)aligned in 2021 and HOTBD recruited an amazing creative team, resulting in an amazing photoshoot, showcasing seven amazing garments. 

Launching Fall 2022, HOTBD will introduce two new kimono designs: 

  1. A patchwork kimono jacket, lined with raw silk and
  2. A faux fur kimono shrug, lined with hand-dyed silk.

Last but not least, HOTBD will be releasing five additional pieces: two short kimonos, two kimono coats, and this "Geisha Garden" kimono shrug & matching skirt set, shown below.

Hey, I think we're finally getting somewhere!

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