When Opportunity Knocks

House of the Broken Dragon has been a fan of Pinup Queen Sabina Kelley for several years now. In fact, we started sponsoring Sabina’s annual limited-edition calendar back in 2016, with the hopes of connecting with her large circle of followers both in her hometown of Las Vegas and abroad, in Australia, where she resided with her family, alongside her fiancé during most of 2017. 

In demand both on and off social media, her current Instagram page reflects an impressive 203K followers; her Facebook page, 220K.

Sabina is a goddess—a tall, leggy blonde, with a dazzling smile, and a natural in front of the camera. Most distinguishing is her ample ink work, proudly displayed on her hands, arms, top of feet, back, and most recently, her neck, featuring a black ink rose on one side, a swan on the other. Her tattoos, in combination with her classic “bombshell” beauty has been featured on countless magazine covers over the years, including Inked Magazine, Car Kulture Deluxe, and FHM, just to name a few.  

Another thing we admire about Sabina is that she is a dedicated mother of three, co-owner of Atomic Beauty Cosmetics, and newly married to famed Gold Coast tattooist, @nixx383. Mucho props for juggling an international career, a full house, and still squeezing in photoshoots on the side!

So when we heard Sabina was coming to South Florida this past summer for a guest appearance, we snagged the opportunity to hire her for modeling our newest kimono collections!

We had the product. And the model. Now it was on to selecting a photographer and a location. The chosen photographer (and videographer) was Erika Nelly, a Miami-based artist whose work we’d been admiring for some time…and as you’ll soon see, she didn’t disappoint. As for the location, we opted for The Brazilian Court Hotel; a luxury boutique hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, with loads of tropical fauna, historic charm and Spanish Colonial architecture.

We spent a very concentrated two and a half hours with Sabina; shooting two long, lace kimonos, our new lace kimono top (shown below), and our classic hooded hipster kimono with satin lining from our Exclusive Sukki Singapora* Kimono Collection (shown above). *More on that, later!

Her vintage-inspired lingerie was handmade by USA designer Dottie's Delights; her jewels, generously loaned to us from COCA Fashion.

As usual, the photoshoot was a whirlwind of activity that included some intense challenges, including losing power in our hotel room thanks to aged electrical outlets and powerful photography lights! However, despite no light and no AC, Sabina and Erika remained professional and in control. We shot in three areas of the hotel: the bedroom suite, the 2nd story balcony, and the reading room.

We hope you enjoy the short behind-the-scenes video (on our homepage) as much as we do! It really captures the gracefulness of the model and the fluid movement of our kimonos.

Keep your eyes peeled for more new product and more sexy pictures of Sabina in 2019! Oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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